♥ ◡ ♥ hi my name is emily
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for anyone who
is alone, scared
or needs help i am
forever here to speak too.

sometimes an
outsiders perspective
can be valuable and is all you need
to open your eyes and show
what you are
blind to.
my best friend
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good morning beautiful peeps :-*
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don’t u just want to punch me in the face
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i look like a fish 99.9% of the time
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why can’t real life be b&w tbh
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am i cute yet ◔◡◉
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i don’t even know
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sup lil peeps i am feeling good today ^__^
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b&w selfies 4 lyf
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dumb dumb dumb dumb dhmvb  dumb
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i took a selfie on my bad side and i only look a LITTLe bit like a fish #proud
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tell mi i m pretty xx
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