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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about weed? Do you think it affects your mental health? Like in general, And personally. Have u smoked it much before? xxx

ehhhhh idk i have never smoked weed so my opinion is a bit one sided?? i don’t like it i don’t like how people are when they’ve been smoking i think it makes people depressed and unable to cope w their problems sober and they become slow and are impossible to have conversations with lmao but i can understand why people do smoke it?? i personally just don’t think it’s cute but if others like weed then they can do whatever they want dunno

i think that most relationships can work for life aslong as all participants try to maintain it and decide mentally to dedicate themselves to the other idk i think the reason why a lot of relationships end is bc ppl give up and once one thing goes bad they are over it but idk i think the thing to being in a partnership is that you will hate ea other and they will frustrate or hurt you but overcoming that, life and those hardships together is what will make ur relationship unbreakable??? obv not all ppl are meant to be together and some ppl are abusive and theres all different kinds of partners but idk i just hate seeing ppl give up on gud relationships over stupid shit??

arijunn asked: You are such a babe !

thankyou ^___^

finally colouring my hair again after like 4 months of not doing it My regrowth was like 10 metres long it was v sexy

Anonymous asked: hey you seem like a really lovely person, please don't do drugs especially not acid, it can really mess with you and they are a fast track way to ruin your life, this isn't supposed to be rude i'm saying this because you seem like a great person and i wouldn't want your life and wellbeing ruined because of drugs like acid

thanks for your concern man but idk i don’t see how acid could ruin my life unless i go into a permanent trip or something.. it’s not the same as heroin or something so addictive?? i’d understand if i was taking it every dya and depended on it to have a good time but i don’t so idk at the moment i don’t think that it is ruining my life in any way

Anonymous asked: i live for your selfies

REALLY aw ur the best

Anonymous asked: Tbh acid is bad for your mental state and shouldn't really be taken too close together cause you can get a really bad trip. Apparently once every like 4 months is kinda ok.

it fries your brain man of course it isn’t good for you LOL yeah i’ve only done it 6 times over a year or so….. i think it’s just this certain one we’ve been getting because everyone that takes it has fun at the start but then towards the end we all start thinking bad thoughts idk i don’t really want to take it while i’m with people anymore i’d rather just do it with my boyfriend because i feel 100% comfortable with him and i just freak out and think people are controlling my mind and it’s not a nice feeling at all

idk if i should take acid anymore man like towards the end of the trip i go into thsi really weird phase for like an hour where i imagine up a whole different scenario and like i see people saying and doing stuff that they’re not really doing it’s so fucked up like i see them sitting there talking about me while i’m sitting right there IDK it’s so hard to explain but it’s really fucked up and it’s like they can read my mind and say all tehse bad thigns it’s too weird/… … and today i feel so crappy drugs are weird

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