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What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously.
- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via naomilku)


do i believe in love at first sight? absolutely. i fall in love with every dog i see

i don’t think some people understand just how difficult it can be to have your head constantly telling you that you are a failure and useless and aren’t worth anything  aND then it’s even harder to fight against it and tell yourself every day that you deserve just as much as anybody else and remember that nobody is better than you like every day i try to tell myself that i am awesome and deserve a happy life but people just put me down all the time even the people closest to me and i honestly deep down don’t believe that anything good should happen to me i am the most selfish, horrible person i bring nothing to anybodys life and idk i know i am not somebod ythat people should want to be around and it’s so awful to remember that and i am so sensitive to criticism because i know i’m a piece of shit but i try to not tell myself every day and when people just prove how stupid i am then it’s just like well fuck???????? idk nobody should treat me kinder or nicer  bc i have depression i shouldn’t get special treatment or be allowed to get away with anything i just don’t know how to handle real life it’s too hard does any of this make sense dunno

i used to not have any friends irl so i depended on internet ppl to make me feel not so alone but now i don’t talk to anyone from real life or the internet and its fuked idk it’s only my fault like i am too selfish n lazy to have friends but it still sucks to have no one

is any1 elses kim k app fucking up like sayin connection error?????wah

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it’s so awkward being accused of being a catfish when you’re not like……. what do you want me to say man.,….i am pretty sure this is my fac ebye

I think the most frustrating is when people won’t acknowledge there is a problem. There is a difference between being unaware of the issue, and heatedly denying there is an issue at all. Or to think our effort is simply an attempt at political correctedness. No. I think it is so important for young readers to read broadly about many kinds of people, cultures and experiences. It’s also so important to see themselves reflected back once in a while in the pages.
- Cindy Pon on the frustration of promoting diversity in young adult books, in an interview with Malinda Lo over at Hello Giggles. (via diversityinya)

not taking my meds for one day just ruinedl ike the last 4-5 days and it’s soooo fucked up how angry and depressed and anxious i feel without the medication idk its cool that i can see the difference but it makes me so mad because i want to be able to feel normal and good without depending on it like i want to be this way by mYself ugh there is so much wrong with my brain it’s insane i didn’t take it for oNE DAY and the next week i was just socially retarded i couldn’t answer simple questions i didn’t want anything to do with people i was angry and so so so so so anxious and just down i hate it and idk it makes me wonder how i even dealt with it for years and years… how the fuck did i live so miserably like when takin my antidepressants i am still sad over things and i still think i’m a shitty person but fuck  ifeel so much happier and better my head feels clear and free and i can go up and have a conversation w anyone and i want to actually do things blah i just wish i didn’t have to depend on zoloft to be okay and not suicidal as fuck