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hi i'm emily

insta - @emiryj

Anonymous asked: Don't forget to do a follow-up phonecall in a couple of days for those applications you sent in! Employers admire that and it shows them that you are really working to get the job!

ahhh okay thanks for the tip!!!!!! i will do so if i don’t feel too anxious lol

Anonymous asked: What kind of Jobs did U apply for :)

literally so many random ones like an animal attendant at the rspca LMAO a medical receptionist saLes person at optus um idk anything that i thought i wouldn’t get rejected by lol

applied for a million jobs today but  watch nobody get back to me 


Anonymous asked: hey emily, i know you've talked about taking antidepressants before and i was wondering if they help with negative emotions and mood swings. I've considered seeking professional help since I've been suffering from depression and I'm pretty sure a sort of mental illness as well.

honestly my antidepressants have changed my entire life.. i don’t even think that i would be alive today if i didn’t make the decision to start taking them lmao

i still have my days where i feel like shit BUT in comparison to how miserable i used to be i can definitely handle it??? i used to be soooooo moody and horrible to everyone because i was so depressed and down i was negative 24/7 and not a fun person to be around but now my head feels clear and it’s easy to do every day things like i can wake up, have breakfast, go for a walk so eaSILY and i am genuinely happy most of the time!!!! whereas i used to struggle with every little thing i had to do even smiling felt like a chore idk i definitely recommend going to a GP and getting help it is scary and might take time to find the right medication for you but it is worth it!!!!!!


seven billion people on this planet and i have 2 friends

the worst thing ever is making a cup of tea then completely forgetting about it until 2 hours later when you take a sip and it’s completely cold and  gross wah

Anonymous asked: whats your game center?

emiryj :)

someone buy me the bag w the kitty in kim k hollywood or i might cry :-(

i can’t write any captions bc i’m just sad n hate
myself but i want to upload a selfie dunno

Barbara Casasola S/S 2014
Anonymous asked: ur pretty cool dude


ianthia asked: really really nice and awesome with cute red hair and cute pets

ahhZjjjjhhgyijk i love u

nickdanz asked: Honestly, I don't really think much besides "Damn, she's beauteous and I'll never see her in person. What a lucky guy she much have!"

beauteous LMAO cheers