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hi i'm emily

insta - @emiryj

i can't afford food help

taking my antidepressants with alcohol because i’m a smart cookie :-)

i’ve been taking 50mg of zoloft instead of 150mg for the last week bc i’ve felt too anxious to go buy more but i finally did today and i feel so much better ugh dk jfjfjgs b honestly i don’t know how i dealt with my head before medication lmfao

i love that i can annoy david to death and he doesn’t give a shit like i will sit there and tickle him and lick him and poke his face and squeeze his pimples and s his d while he’s playing games and he still hasn’t even thought of leaving me he is the best :~)

Anonymous asked: duddeee show us dat cute little booty

how about NO

Anonymous asked: take off your pants we need to talk

waht the fuck

Anonymous asked: me 2 i wana c dat butt

i don’t hav a butt

i have so much respect for anyone who is confident and happy enough w themselves to post their nudes publicly i wish i loved myself enough to do the same

pradanedehaan i bought nars sheer glow foundation and the highlight powder thing in albatross ahHhh!!!! i am in love ☺️